Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is tantra massage?
  • What are the benefits of tantra massage?
  • Can I come without a reservation?
  • Do you accept euro or dollars?
  • Can I come with a partner for a pair massage?
  • Do you have a shower there ?
The massage takes place in the warm design room in private, with pleasant music, scented candles and natural oils. These massages are designed to relieve your stress and everyday tension.
In addition to getting an unforgettable erotic massage that will take you to the 7th heaven, your entire body will relax and you will feel full of energy.
Yes, you can come without booking. We always have masseuses  at your disposal, but if you know when you will come, it is always better to make a reservation, for added security.
Yes, of course .
1 Euro = 24 Kč 1 dolar = 20 €

Oh sure. In addition to individual tantric, erotic massages, you can also come for a pair massage. You can take one or two masseuses. Massage takes place in a lighted room with pleasant music and aroma candles. Also, for a couple we give a bottle of champagne. At the end of the massage we can leave you alone so that you can enjoy your time together.

Yes, of course there is. You take a shower before massage, and after massage.